Our services

Our services

The Law Office renders complex legal services to its Clients, starting from provision of advisory services to Clients in terms of everyday business activity of the companies, legal services at execution of long term investments and projects, ending on key projects, such as for instance going public on the stock exchange or restructuring and transferring the business entities. We act in line with one principle – whenever our Client needs legal assistance, we are ready to support.

The Law office renders complex legal services within the scope of developer investments and real estate investments. The scope of our services include:

  • complex analysis of real estate status, needed for investors to indicate potential risks and possibility of their avoidance,
  • drawing up contracts and agreements, participating in negotations aimed at purchase of industrial, trade and commercial real estate properties, acting on the investors’ commission, in particular, real estate sale contracts, leasing contracts, deeds in trust, etc.
  • preparing and participating in real estate lease agreements negotiations on behalf of investors, in particular to commercialize trade centers and Cinema complexes,
  • rendering legal advisory services and representation in proceedings before the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, to obtain permits for purchase of real estate properties by foreign investors,
  • rendering legal advisory services and representation in administrative proceedings regarding any aspects of planned investment execution, in particular, in terms of real estate development conditions and land development,
  • rendering legal advisory services on choosing the best form of purchasing the right to use a real property, in particular, assessing possibility of successful execution of planned investment, considering binding law provisions,
  • legal research (legal analysis) of the status of real properties taken over by the State Treasury by nationalization or expropriation, drawing up applications and representing former owners in proceedings aimed at return of real property,
  • rendering legal advisory services at transferring perpetual usufruct title to real property into ownership title or transferring cooperative membership right to premises into a separate ownership title to the premises.

The Law Office renders legal advisory services in merger or takeover transactions of business entities. The transactions that have been conducted concerned, among others, tele-communication, developer, media-entertainment sectors.

The Law Office has been conducting many transactions, rendering, among others, services aimed at legal research (legal analysis) of entities to assess their legal status, advisory services aimed at taking legal actions on the basis of legal state analysis of entities, limiting the risks connected with such transaction, contracts negotiations, advising in terms of companies law, intellectual property law, labor law, competition and consumers protection, drawing up relevant documents, in particular, (both preliminary and final) resolutions of appropriate bodies, understandings between partners/ shareholders, etc.

Considering the experience gained in the merger and takeover transactions, the Law Office ensures a team of lawyers holding the right qualifications necessary in a given project.

The Law Office has considerable experience in conduct of proceedings before administrative authorities. Great experience of the Law Office allows for offering legal advisory services and representing clients in administrative proceedings aimed at obtaining necessary permits, in particular:

  • permits necessary to conduct business activity,
  • permits necessary to conduct promotional lotteries,
  • permits connected with broadly understood environment protection law, within the scope, the Law Office also deals with drawing up documents, entering entities to the register kept by the Main Environmental Protection Inspector,
  • permits needed in investment process (construction investments), in particular, construction permits (including temporary construction permits), decisions on real estate development conditions and land development, permits for removal of trees and permits required by Water Law Act.

The Law Office also renders complex services to business entities, the services include:

  • legal advisory services at establishing partnerships, companies and other business entities, including foundations and associations,
  • legal advisory services regarding daily operations of business entities, including, in particular, drawing up documents and representing at partners’ and shareholders’ meetings, management board and supervisory board meetings,
  • drawing up documents regarding changing the companies’ status and agreements,
  • legal advisory services and drawing up documents regarding shares, establishing pledges on shares, increase or decrease in capital, and within the remaining scope provided for by commercial provisions of law,
  • legal advisory services in acquisition and sale transactions of business entities or organized parts of enterprise, conducting legal research (legal analyses) to conduct transactions aimed at establishing legal status of analyzed entities, identifying potential risks and indicating legal measures to avoid them.

The Law Office renders the following services:

  • drawing up contracts on sale of goods, rendering services, contracts for specific work, contracts of mandate, drafts of many other standard civil and trade agreements,
  • drawing up drafts of special type of sale, delivery, change agreements, various types of frameworks agreements, preliminary and conditional agreements, general terms and conditions to conclude and execute agreements, agreements connected with use of things (lease agreements, in particular, agreements on lease in Commercial Centers, lease, sale and lease back agreements), loan agreements, agreements on transfer of receivables and obligations arising from contracts, settlements (in particular, connected with submission to enforcement proceedings straight from notarial deed), agreements on settlement of related transactions, receivables set off,
  • drawing up drafts of investment agreements, in particular, regarding construction investment processes (agreements concluded with general contractors, agreements on preparing construction design, agreements on project management, agreements on financing investment processes, including credit agreements),
  • drawing up drafts of agreements on distribution of goods and services (franchise, agency, agency-franchise agreements),
  • drawing up drafts of agreements on recovery, recycling and disposal of wastes, in particular, agreements on recovery organization, and agreements with the disposal organizations,
  • preparing legal opinions on commercial contracts, representing clients and negotiating the terms and conditions of concluded contracts.

The Law Office renders complex legal services regarding labor law and social security. The Law Office team of employees that advise on labor law holds experience both in individual cases as well as in conducting court disputes before courts of any instance. The services include:

  • legal advisory services regarding establishing, termination and continuing labor relationship, in particular, drawing up employment contracts, documents related to employment, including work regulations, and remuneration regulations,
  • advisory services concerning restructuring of entities, in particular, redundancies, drawing up necessary documents, including redundancy terms and regulations,
  • legal advisory services and representation before courts of any instance in court disputes regarding labor law,
  • legal advisory services and representation before proper bodies in proceedings regarding labor law,
  • legal advisory services and representation before administrative bodies in cases aimed at obtaining work permits, residence visa, in particular, in connection with the National Labor Inspectorate control,
  • legal advisory services regarding cases on breaching employee rights conducted before labor inspectorate, in particular, legal measures applied by labor inspectors and procedures aimed at challenging them,
  • legal advisory services regarding work accidents and occupational diseases.

The Law Office has wide experience in conducting cases both before common courts of any instance and before arbitration courts within the whole country, including the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw. The Law Office offers the following court representation services:

  • court representation in civil cases, in particular, commercial, negotiation and conclusion of settlements before common courts and arbitration courts,
  • advisory services on drawing up documentary evidence and conducting the documentation analysis,
  • drawing up lawsuit documents in proceedings before common and arbitration courts,
  • court representation in cases connected with bankruptcy and composition proceedings.

The Law Office renders legal services in cases connected with broadly understood intellectual property rights, in particular, copyrights. The Law Office cooperates with experienced patent attorney. The Law Office offers the following services:

  • drawing up legal opinions regarding intellectual property rights,
  • preparing, verifying and conducting negotiations regarding:
    • agreements on transfer of author’s economic rights,
    • agreements on use of work (license agreements),
    • agreements on transfer of the rights arising from registration of a trademark and transfer of the right to register,
    • agreements on use of trademark (license agreements),
    • agreements with artists on co-participation in execution of narrative-based films, publishing agreements and coproduction of narrative-based films agreements,
    • agreements on creating computer programs (upgrading computer program) and transfer of copyrights,
    • agreements on IT systems, in particular, license agreements, implementation and service agreements,
  • drawing up documents needed to register trademarks, utility models and industrial models to be protected in the Polish Patent Office and the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market in Alicante, supervision of the registration procedure,
  • legal advisory services regarding personal data protection, in particular, preparing legal opinions on precedurs in cases of breaching provisions on personal data protection,
  • drawing up documents required by provisions on personal data protection, in particular, authorization documents, safety policy and instructions.